Milk - Live at The Hacienda

A warm, dark, inviting shelter from the cold chaos outside.

An hour long journey into deep, bubbling melodic tech groove, recorded live on location on December 4th of 2014, celebrating the intimate spirit of Noel. Close out the world, stoke the fire and get close to the one who completes you.

Milk - Heartbreaking Melancholy of Infinite Beauty

A vast vivid, sensual excursion into the dark delicate recesses of fragile heart and open mind.

A 90 minute demonstrational mix of emotive melodic minimal, organic techno, and warm tribal techhouse for those who tastes defy definition. Close your eyes, turn off the lights and enjoy in large quantities.

Milk - Midnight in the Garden of Earthly Delights

A deep delicious, moonlit trek through soft lush fauna of wondrous rhythm.

An hour long demonstrational mix of thick melodic minimal, polyrhythmic tech and environmental house for those searching for an alternative distraction. Use with an open mind for maximum benefit.

Leche - Moda Verde

"Created in the spirit of the Second Annual Latin Funk Music Festival, NYC based DJ Geoxie Leche’s lush new release, ModaVerde takes us on a tribal journey from the depths of Africa up into the starry atmosphere and down again, rising and dipping as a phoenix, fantastically colored and subtle in flight. With a low bow of reverence to the indigenous cultures of the southern hemisphere, Leche guides us through jungles of rhythm with the confidence of a native child who has grown up with the plants and birds about him, running along winding paths through wild fauna to find soft white sands and the wide warm sea. From makossa to bembe, samba to bossa, rhumba to salsa, together we tour a green globe of vibrant dance, unhinged and unhindered in its expression of joy and community."
- The DJ Reporter 5/05

Released 3/05.

Full length mix features tracks by Ananda Project, Da Lata, Afro-mystik, Boozoo Bajou and exclusive Leche reworks.

Milk - The Craving Space

The lead single from the forthcoming 'Abstractivity' album, "The Craving Space" is the long awaited debut release from dba M!lk; now available and causing a stir in Berlin, Madrid and Osaka ...

Leche - Obscuridad de GeoLeche

Leche - Obscuridad de GeoLeche

A sizzling hot compilation of excruciatingly rare 70's Salsa mined from the Geoxie United archives and artfully assembled by DJ Leche.

Released 3/06.

track listing:
01 Calunga - Orquesta Dee Jay
02 Equivocada - Los Satalites
03 Yo No Habla Na - Primitivo Santos
04 Son Pa Barrion Obrera - Harry Fracticelli
05 No Lo Creas - Paul Ortiz y Orquesta Son
06 Dolor - Los Hermanos Lopez
07 Pensmiento - Orquesta La Solucion
08 Amanecer - Orquesta Sociedad 76
09 ManaY Sabor - Kako y su Orquesta
10 No Esta En Na - Charlie Palmieri
11 Trompeta Y Bongo - La Coporacion
12 Guarare - Orquesta Flamboyan
13 Fuego - Joe Bataan
14 Mami Me Gusta - La Conquistador
15 Mi Irmito - Markolino Dimond y su Sabor
16 Don Anastacio - Javier Vasques y su Salsa
17 Apueto A Que - Marty Galagarza
18 Ochun - Rafi Val y la Diferente