Geoxie United Sound Design mission

Geoxie United Sound Design is a professional, one stop sound system design, installation and music programming service. Whether it be a live, temporary or permanent installation, we provide specialized and personal treatment, paying extreme attention to the needs of the location, vibe and budget.

Every space is unique and every ambience essential. Begining with a determination of sound reinforcement requirements, spacial and technical factors; we work very closely with our client to provide sound delivery systems that both sound great and make operational sense. Simplicity and quality are our goals, and with over 15 years of professional technical audio experience, we are able to assess and provide this in any situation, from a single room office to a multifloor complex.

Music is the single most important element in establishing atmosphere. Overlooking this one factor can be a highly detrimental or even fatal blow to your business. Geoxie United excels at interpreting and translating into an ambience the culture and nature of your working environment or social affair. A music programmer since the tender age of 11, principle partner Geo Greene has provided both live and preprogrammed soundtracks to the delight of clients and audiences for over two decades. With an incredible library of music at fingers reach, and the rare gift of tasteful, seamless compilation, Geoxie United can provide your business or event with uniquely personal and freely manipulated score. As the culture of your endeavor grows and matures so should its soundtrack. We understand that and design our programs to be easily updated, keeping the state lively and the vibe fresh.

Perhaps our greatest asset is the ease with which we do business. Music is the soul of what we do, and love for it is our motivation. We take great pride in creating and providing the perfect aural environment or sonic setting for each specific scenario. It is who we are.

Please refer to the client examples on the ops main page for reference and individual project details, and contact us for information on your needs - Together we can build the sound and spirit of YOUR culture.