05.29.05| Starfoods

64 East 1st Street EV

This year's Latin Funk Music Festival blasts off this Sunday with a super nova of a jam featuring a stellar crew of DJ's and percussionists. Come join the adventure as Easton/Bravo Productions and Geoxie United join forces to present a tribal gathering like no other. 5 DJ's, 9 percusionists and a hosts of special guests will take you high into the Afrotropical atmosphere and leave you dizzy with bliss. Featured DJ's: Tabu Dakar David Medina Busquelo & Leche Along with percussionists: Neil Ochua Isabel Pupo-Walker Daniel Correa Christian Rogers Extra Rich Stein Phil Ballman Izzy "Little" Santiago Jimmy Lopez Chris Annibell & other special guests transform the East Villge's Starfoods into a tribal celebration of rhythm and dance. Look out for the wooden tokens bearing the Latin Funk insignia - they are your ticket into the exclusive Latin Funk VIP event June 14 at Crash Mansion. Don't miss this spectacular opening party and check the Latin Funk website for details on the other five preparties and the Latin Funk Main Event at Spirit, June 16th. Spin the TEEPEE! from 8:30 - $5 donation


F to Second Avenue