02.14.13 |Club WIP

34 Vandam Street Hudson Square NYC

The Kostume Kult exults in tribute to the honorable St. Valentine in the subterranean den of New York's infamous Greenhouse with a celebration of Mankind's original fall from grace. Take a big bite of the big apple and plunge into a nether world of lust and desire along with some of the most fun, creative and festive revelers ever to be banished from the Garden of Eden.

A lush forest of glowing flowers, painted pixies and furry creatures greet you, while plush serpents of all sizes and shapes lurk in wait to lure you into dark recesses where nothing but bawdy business beckons.

Our own precocious Pan, Milk joins Kostume Kult resident DK, and newcomer Josh Stylez on the decks to rouse the beautiful creatures of paradise and stir up some real trouble on the dancefloor, so come join the original party as we fall in for some Original Sin.

from 8:00pm
reduced tickets available


10.20.12 |Son Cubano

544 West 27th Street Chelsea

Help hundreds of brain eating undead scour Chelsea in search of tequila, tacos and of course some blood thirsty fun as Kostume Kult's 8th annual All Hallows crawl invades Manhattan's west side.

Our boy Milk will be stirring up the hoard along the way as the route passes through the decadently delicious Cuban den, Son Cubano.

A fantastically fatal and brutally banging good time is guaranteed!

from 12:00pm (initial meeting locale)
check the site and Twitter updates for mob status


09.29.12 |The Chelsea Hotel


It's THAT time of year again kiddies, and the One Leg Up Nation is prepped and poised for some good old time scholastic debauchery! Naughty schoolgirls, randy young undergrads, co-eds gone wild ... ALL get haute for teacher when the doors of this Rock 'n Roll High swing wide open!

And when Milk, our own Magnum Cum Louder graduate of Euphoric State slips behind the decks, you know the roof is about to catch fire!

So brush up on your studies, and if you think you might not be ready for the final, better make sure you have something sweet to offer the Head Mistress; you might just get spanked with the board of education otherwise!

from 10:pm - reservation required
see for all the academic detail


06.03.12 |South Fin Grill

300 Father Capadanno Boulevard Staten Island

In celebration of the installation of the heralded Harris-Padilla sculpture, Mist Wave, onto Staten Island's gorgeous Cedar Grove Beach, friends and family will gather for a sunset soiree under the warm June sun of NYC's lost borough.

Join us as we bring our underground flavor to the beach and hoist our freak flag high over the heads of suburbia. The renown South Fin offers a tantalizing menu of sea dwelling treats, and with talent curated by none other than the Diva Palagia, including Milk on the wheels of steel, this little shore side luau is certain to turn into something far naughtier! Expect bikini clad hooping babes and half naked gyrating gents, all recreating our NYC nightlife in the broad golden twilight.

from 12:00noon


05.28.11 |Open House

244 East Houston Street East Village

The driving juggernaut behind Massive Groove and the sultry seducer of One Leg Up combine forces to deliver a brand new concept in underground revelry. Motive’s Techno Cabaret introduces a nonstop erotic and theatrical exploration into the dark recesses of bass induced aural pleasure and polyrhythmic inspired passion.

Music moves us in mysterious ways, and the night, the heat, the intrigue and the energy all connect to create a venue perfect for seizing the moment and acting out that deep seated fantasy. Special erotic performances, tantalizing visuals and a stellar collection of DJ's including our own glittering prize, the illustrious M!lk, bring fire to the dancefloor and set the vibe ablaze with the deep, dark, pumping tech you have grown to lovingly expect from Motive

So get into your mood, put on your character, don your costume and join us in Open House's secret subterranean play room to become part of an interactive theater of sight, sound and sensuality.

DJ's include:
Kyu [Massive Groove]
Burchan Acar [Temple Records]
M!lk [One Leg Up]
Cylo [Massive Groove]

from 10:00pm
RSVP for reduced admission


05.21.11 |The Rubber Studio


The 1950's were a pivotal era for music, fashion, politics, and sex! A brand new vigor was set into motion and people spoke and acted out much freely than ever before. The One Leg Up Nations bands together in the fun loving spirit of this epoch to celebrate on the eve of the Rapture because, well - what the hell? - none of us are going anywhere!

Mad twistin' M!lk digs deep into his copious archives to mine up some hard rockin' original R&B classics and then swings our freaks into frenzy with more of his deep steamy hot tech silk.

If the end is nigh, this is definitely how we want to go!

from 10:pm - reservation required
see for all the bangin' detail


01.28.11 |S.O.B.'s

200 Varick Street Hudson Square

Our boy Leche makes his triumphant return to New York City's premiere house of world music, the incomparable S.O.B's. With fire scooped from deep within his crates of rare and rambunctious Salsa, the dancefloor will be set alight with a Latin fervor only he can deliver.

Come down after work and burn off your winter chill with a night of searing hot grooves featuring live performance by Hector Ramos El Galan de la Salsa, some delicious island cuisine, tropical drink specials and even a warm up dance class for those of you whose feet need a little refresher!

from 5:00pm - Ladies Free & Men $10.00 before 7pm


12.18.10 |The Chelsea Hotel


Bawdy, brash and decadently delicious, the One Leg Up Nation returns to Chelsea's monument of art and frivolity to celebrate the salacious side of erotic performance. M!lk, our resident master of aural pleasure whips up the virtual band as our private suite becomes a stage for the bold and beguiled alike ...
Don your feathers and glitter and come join us as we pay tribute to the theater that inspires the spunk in us all, and stay to explore what that inspiration reveals.

from 10:pm - reservation required
see for all the sparkling detail


10.09.10 |(secret location TBA)

Hell's Kitchen

Cleopatra had an insatiable appetite for power and pleasure. Her conquests included Egypt, Julius Ceasar and most romantically, Mark Antony. Their epically tragic Shakespearean tryst is the salacious stuff of lascivious legend.

This Saturday the OLU Nation pays tribute to one of the most impassioned and unbridled lust affairs in history ... and indeed to the entire wildly uninhibited life of Cleopatra, those she loved and those who loved her; Roman, Egyptian, noble, slave, male and female alike ...

This is your unique opportunity to delve into the realm of rich and mythic history and enact your own version, your own theater of love, conquest, passion and release.

A feast fit for royalty will tantalize, while our battle worn hero M!lk cuts a path of enticing sounds in the sand leading us to the luxurious oasis where the cultures meet and become entwined.

from 10:pm - reservation required
see for all the epic detail


07.31.10 |(secret location TBA) ticketing and shuttle from Barcade

388 Union Avenue Brooklyn

The Kostume Kult is back with the third installment of their psychedelic freak out sideshow circus inspired Playa preview extravaganza, and this one is destined to be a doozy!

24 hours and 20,000 square feet of roaming performance art, costumed jesters, evil clowns, bodypainters, glowing hoopers, sledgehammers, stilted dancers, exotic animals, cheerleaders, fire eaters and of course more music than you could rapidshare in a lifetime; including DJ's:

$mall ¢hange
Groovecreator & Carlos H
Friar Tuck
Barney Iller
Arrow Chrome
and others on two separate towering massives ...

Catch our resident hot chip, M!lk at peak hour inside for a searing set of sweat inducing next tech and be prepared to get naked ... it's gonna get HOT up in here for sure!

from 12:00 noon - $20 at the door
discount presale tickets available
RSVP for detail


06.26.10 |The Chelsea Hotel

222 West 23rd Street Chelsea

The OLU Nation descends upon one of NYC's most iconic landmarks for a summer inspired night of steamy celebration. Red is the operative theme and Hot is what it's going to get when M!lk slips behind the decks and stirs up the senses with his sultry silk strains.

Ample alternative entertainment and savory delicacies for the pallet and pith provided as usual, so don your rare rouge and follow your fever to where the exaltation could melt the arctic ...

from 10:pm - reservation required
see for all the sizzling detail


05.22.10 |(secret location TBA)

Hells Kitchen

Like a torch in the night, the Cereus spreads its delicate petals to the beckoning moonlight and reveals its innermost beauty to only the darkness and twinkling stars ...

This Saturday, the OLU Nation gathers to do just that.
Under the inviting glow the moon in full bloom we spread our aura wide to welcome the night and all its delight. OLU's 'Nightblooms' is a celebration of what the darkness inspires, and in the midnight hour with the stars as our witness, we pay tribute to the day's nether half and indeed to everything the day's light prohibits.

M!lk is back to take us on this nocturnal escapade through our garden of Earthly delight, his deep dark grooves heightening our senses and cleaving a path we need not even see.
Close your eyes and let the night be your guide ... Feel your way!

from 10:pm - reservation required
see the website for all the moonlit detail


02.12.10 |Galapagos Art Space

16 Main Street DUMBO Brookyln

Gabrielle Penebaz's infectious, intelligent and informative exploration into the weird, wild and wonderful world of sex law and it's implication wows audiences one more time in this Valentine's Day one night stand. Our boy M!lk spins a set of the illicit and explicit at the afterparty and then gets deep at the after-afterparty ...

You gotta go to be in the know -

show at 11:pm - $15.00
afterparty at midnight - $10.00 (or free with paid show entrance)
after-afterparty detail available on site

see website for advance ticket discounts


05.03.08 |I Tre' Merli

463 West Broadway SOHO

It's hard to believe, Luca's little baby is three years old! Why I remember when it was just a wobbly infant, struggling to stand and walk and wrecking everything! Now it's a fine and well oiled machine, packin' bodies in and taking them on a high speed ride to house pumpin' heaven. Along the way, the now renown Master Sacchi seems have picked up a few notable guest engineers as well, steering and veering his screaming love train all over the map, but never lacking in quality or just plain raucous energy!

To celebrate this honorable achievement, the Master is throwing a wild shingdig and inviting all who have rocked his rooms to join along ...

Returning to the scene of the crime, the Bustamove family crashes into SOHO's I Tre' Merli and to spark it up and drive it home along with the infamous Master Sacchi, DJ's Sabo, Vinyl Richie, Rhenalt, Richie B and our own Leche tear up the tracks and send the masses flying!
Don't you dare miss that train!

from 10:pm - no cover
RSVP recommended


04.25.08 to 04.26.08 |Ohio Theater

64 Wooster Street SOHO

Leche steps back to the stage, as three key peices from 2004's Off Broadway production of BUMP are featured in a new collaboration entitled New York Is Dead.

The Ohio Theater/SOHO ThinkTank presents New York Is Dead; 5 nights of short performances exploring the motives, means and cause of death of New York's once thriving underground art culture. Separated into three programs, the final two nights include 3 scenes from Justin Swains epic BUMP, featuring original sound design produced and performed live by NYC's DJ Leche.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a truly innovative approach to theatrical scoring in a hip, unpretentious and welcoming environment geared to take us all back to the days when art was fresh, and free of attitude.

from 7:pm - $10.00 donation at the door


02.07.08 |Madame X

94 Houston Street

The Diva Palagia rallies her forces and conjures her spirits to present 'Reinvent', an opportunity to rearrange and redefine. Release the restraints and definitions society requires of you, find your true and hidden self and express it without reservation.

One Leg Up provides a safe and inviting environment to be yourself and exercise your deeper desires. M!lk lays down the sexy soundtrack and Palagia's lovely court act up.
So suck it all in and breathe it all out -

from 10:pm
see the One Leg Up website for all the fresh detail


02.02.08 |Club Commonwealth

Montclair, NJ

Ahh, those crazy music biz kids are going Spring mad already ... Seems as though last year's Groundhog Day Jamboree sparked something special, 'cause we've been invited to haul whole gig back out to the 'Clair to do it all over again! Buck fever is high and once Leche starts bangin' out those jams to fill the floor, people be bound to bouncin' around!

So if you got the gumption and feel like fillin' your belly with free beer and sushi, pack up the crew and ramble out with us; you'll be sure to get your Punxsutawney Phil of rip roarin' fun no doubt 'cause these folks know how to PAR-TAY!

from 8:pm - no cover
send us an email for directions and detail


01.18.08 to 01.25.08 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Leche continues to turn up the central heating of Sushi Samba's slinkily salacious downtown salon with his own brand of brazen Brazilian bravado -

Catch our boy Fridays in January for the best tasting lounge loafing this side of the Amazon!

from 9:00pm - no cover
Leche plays 1/18, 1/25


12.31.07 |I Tre' Merli

463 West Broadway SOHO

Ring in the New Year with the zany crew of Bustamove NYC! As Party Master Sacchi says, 'keep it simple - keep it FREE!' No cover all night long, no table minimum, no bottle service - just beautiful people, cheap drinks and slammin' jams ALL night long and into 2008 from the Master and our own roof raiser, Leche!

You won't find an event quite like this anywhere else in the City, so leave those other pretentious, money grubbing, feeble promisers behind and come join the reverly the way it's SUPPOSED to go down!

from 8:pm - NO COVER!


12.07.07 to 12.21.07 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

With the cold weather rollin' in you need a place to feel some South American sunshine. And what better way to warm your weary bones than with some steaming hot sake and a sampling of smokin' Samba beats?

Heat up your winter weekends Fridays in December with Leche and let that Sao Paulo sun warm your soul while Sushi Samba's extraordinary chefs fill your belly ...

Frostbite never felt so good!

from 9pm - no cover
Leche plays 12/7, 12/14 & 12/21


11.29.07 |The Park

18 10th Avenue Meat Packing District

Palagia and her court saunter into the west side's luxuriously decadent Park restaurant and lounge to celebrate the pleasure seekers of old. Visions of Athens, Sparta and Babylon come alive with pagan ritual and sensual delight as the the One Leg Up Nation gathers as one and welcomes all into the fold.

Garland crowned prince of rhythm, DJ dbaM!lk spins the grooves that release inhibitions like a Trojan horse full of pleasure, so grab your chlamys, hail a chariot down the Park and witness the walls fall like Rome!

from 10:pm - reservation required
see for all the precious detail


11.24.07 |S.O.B.'s

204 Varick Street Hudson Square

Returing to the main stage at New York City's premiere venue for world music, Leche joins local favorites Organs for an evening for a searing evening of Brazilian bachanalia.

Always incendiary onstage, the band slams three hard sets and Leche punctuates with his own brand of forro funk rocking the crowd late into the evening.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to shake your tail feathers and enjoy the fine Carnival inspired cuisine.

from 8:pm - $25 at the door/reply here for guest list information


11.02.07 to 11.23.07 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Funk up your Fridays in November with some festive flavor at Sushi Samba's 7th Avenue South locale. Delivering the beats from Bahia and beyond, Leche keeps the vibe as fresh as the fish and get the mood flowing like caipirhanias. Come eat and drink and breathe it all in -

from 9:pm - no cover
Leche plays 11/2, 11/9 & 11/23


10.31.07 |The Delta Airlines Sky 360 Lounge

101 West 57th Street Midtown

Joining forces for a Halloween extravaganza sure to shake midtown to it's core, New York Magazine and Rooftop Films team up and invade Delta Airlines' stellar Sky 360 Lounge to present 'Halloween Haunt'. Stepping up with the scary selections, Leche lays down the thrillers to mash up the monsters.

With Bicardi slinging gratis spirits, a ghoulish good time is guaranteed, so grab your garb and get your goodness up to where the All Hallows HOLLA!

from 9:00 - no cover


10.24.07 |Arena

135 West 41st Street Times Square

The bewitching season is upon us and the One Leg Up Nation is celebrating in frightening fashion with a masquerade ball paying homage to the rise of the Red Gypsy ...

Club Arena's incredible massive bangs out the bodacious beats of DJ's Eddy Plenty and GeoLeche as the tribe writhes and sways thier way into frenzy. This is a scene sure to lure the spirits from the depths so find your inner gypsy and come trade tricks for treats of your own.

from 9:00pm - single ladies $50/couples $150 at the door
reduced advance tickets available; see related site for detail


10.05.07 to 10.19.07 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Ease yourself into Autumn Fridays in October at Sushi Samba's luxurious West Village location on 7th Avenue South, and treat yourself to the finest Japanese fusion you'll find west of Fukuko. The gorgeous upstairs lounge glows with beautiful faces as the Cachasa flows and our boy Leche soothes the season with his slick blend of AfroBrazilian beats.

As your Holidaze approach, make sure to take a minute to repose and revitalize with us. You never realize how valuable your sanity is until you lose it!

from 9:00pm - no cover


09.27.07 |Madame X

94 West Houston Street

What do you find pleasing? Palagia and the OLU Nation want to know and are inviting you and your female companion down to the infamous Madame X to share and explore the plethora of alternatives that define it ...

The gorgeously seductive bi-level lounge fills with fun and fantasy with an amazing cast of characters including Tigger, Miss Tickle, Anais Sin, Isa P and of course our own aural inspirator, Leche on the 1's and 2's ...

So don that special something and come spread that feel good all over us ....

from 10:00pm - $75.00 per couple in advance/$125.00 at the door
see the One Leg Up website for detail on the special One Leg Up Coffee Table Book promotion


09.24.07 |Sugar Bar & Lounge

311 Church Street Tribeca

Palagia gathers her boys of summer for a final fanciful farewell to the island season with a little sortie celebrating the surreal and fantastic. With one last leap into the lush liquidity of languid days lost, the friends, fans and family of the alumni of Casa Palagia 2007 convene and covort to Leche's deep and diverse dishes.

All are invited to join in the revelry and reminisce with us ...

from 7:30 - RSVP required


09.14.07 to 09.28.07 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Leche's residence at the gorgeous and newly revamped Sushi Samba flagship location downtown continues into the fall with more of that fabulous funky favela flavor. Fridays cook this season, so round up your posse and weave your way down to West Vill - there's no better way to warm up your weekend; and the eats are off the map!

from 9:00pm - no cover


09.08.07 |Toi Bar

577a College Street Toronto

Leche invades our fair neighbor to the north when he joins Peruvian expat Patrick Paredes to rock Toronto's notorious home of deep house. Expect to lose your mind in the swell of the undergound flow as these two long time compadres come together for the first time to create a synergy sure to rise and flood Toi Bar with a tidal wave of sonic fusion.

If by chance you find yourself above 54º latitude this Saturday night, don your water wings and come get drenched with us!

from 10:00pm - no cover


09.07.07 |Sugarcane at Sushi Samba Park

245 Park Avenue South Murray Hill

Come celebrate your freedom along with New York City's half a million Brazilians at the epicenter of fine Nippo-Brazilian culture, Sushi Samba's flagship locale. The Cashasa will be gushing and a special menu of Rio delights will be available for your palate while Leche cranks up the favela funk for you to swing to. Sugarcane, the uberswanky speakeasy adjacent to the main dining room is where you'll find us, while you're still seeing straight!

from 9:00pm - no cover


08.24.07 |89.9 FM/

Columbia University Harlem

Leche steps into the spotlight and joins a long and heralded line of disc jockeys as he takes over WKCR's controls to lay down some classics on the world's longest running Salsa radio program. Established in 1971 by DJ Jose "Cheo" Diaz, the Mambo Machine has been filling New York City's Friday night airwaves with the sweet sound of Latin soul for over 30 years and this week current hosts Busquelo and Liz Martin welcome our own tecatito to the helm.

Tune in or turn on and make sure there's some floor space in the living room 'cause girating is guranteed!

from 11:pm - 2:am - no cover!


08.17.07 |The Spiegel Tent

Pier 17 South Street Seaport

The Spiegel Tent comes alive as Leche joins the Turntables posse this Friday night under the stars in one the most original and beautiful venues to bless NYC in a long time. Pier 17 in the South Street Seaport is home this season to New York City's most boombastic open air party; and celebrating their 7th year of blowing up the bass bins, DJ's Nickodemus and Mariano along with Christian Rogers and Nappy G on percussion have locked down the hottest night in the City.

If you haven't been to the Tent yet, don't miss this stellar opportunity to enjoy this amazing party on the water - the vibe is hip, the people are beautiful and the music will take you high into the warm summer night!

from 10:00pm - $10.00 at the door
email for guestlist information


08.11.07 |Sugar Bar & Lounge

311 Church Street Tribeca

Dao and Dang wrap up their nuptial fesitivites with one last bangin' blowout that will surely be the icing on the wedding cake! Come down to this gorgeous little venue and help celebrate with a bubbly toast and shake your rump to Leche's block rockin' beats ...

from 9:00pm - no cover


07.28.07 |S.O.B.'s

204 Varick Street

The hottest Brazilian night in New York, Samba Soul at SOB's welcomes Leche to the stage this week for special guest set of smokin' tropical sabor. Complementing the live vibe of local favorite band, Organs, Leche will raise the raucus another notch and rock the natives long into the night.
Don't miss this wild night of Bahian bacchanalia!

from 10:00 - $20.00 at the door
contact us from the p's & q's page for guestlist information


07.27.07 |S.O.B.'S

204 Varick Street

Puerto Rico's incredible Cultura Profetica take the stage at New York City's premiere home of indigenous soul, S.O.B.'s. Steeped deep in Marley vibration, this band, 12 strong conjer their sound with elements of jazz, bossa, funk and salsa and create spirit all their own. Hometown lads The Pimps of Joytime open, and our boy Leche fills the gaps and takes us home with a world tour of uplifting riddims ...
¡Ay qué caliente!

from 10:00pm - $20.00 advance/$22.00 at the door
contact us from the p's & q's page for guestlist information


06.28.07 |Sugar Bar

311 Church Street just below Canal Street

Tribeca's favorite surreptitious sweet spot, Sugar gets a dose of the devine when the Diva Palagia and her lucious court of languorous lovelies celebrate the sultry subsidies of summer and the sexy little snipets we submerge like the buds of boutonnieres waiting to burst. Flowers for secrets will flow and tell as the One Leg Up Nation welcomes newbies and curious come latelies to rise, open and expose their inner bouquet ...

Even the bashful will be blandished and bloom when the bountiful beauty of Leche's bounce and balladry rings out and carries the crowd up and away ... Come release that deep rooted seed and grab a little lei for yourself!

from 10:00pm - see for ticket information


06.21.07 |Lafayette Grill

54 Franklin Street between Broadway and Lafayette Street

Leche joins the amazing Conjunto Habanera once again this Thursday evening for some deep Cuban soul. This week the tribe gathers after work in Tribeca's beautiful Lafayette Grill to explore the true root of AfroLatin groove and celebrate the power of the drum with dance and reverly into the night.

Chino and lads rock their magic live and Leche takes over between sets and after to keep that heart pumpin' and that body hot!

from 6:00pm - $5.00 donation


05.04.07 to 08.10.07 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

The pulse of Sao Paulo throbs strong Fridays all season long as Leche sets a pounding pace of tropical rhythm for your bachanalian pleasure. Summer is here and Sushi Samba 7's newly remodeled roof terrace is just the place to stake your real estate for libation and gyration. So round up the crew and come through for a sip of the salacious and a taste of the raw!

from 10:00pm - no cover


04.28.07 |Rose Live

345 Grand Street Williamsburg

Leche dives deep down into his Salsa to pull up some tasty Latin roots for your dancing pleasure as the vibrant Cuban Soul posse returns to Rose for some real Brooklyn style rompus. The incomperable Conjunto Guantanamo featuring the explosive Chino Ponz, and Tony Rosa on conga wil perform two sets to boot.

An incendiary evening of pure Havana soul is guaranteed to set your spirit ablaze!

from 9:00pm - $7.00/$10.00


04.06.07 to 04.27.07 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

That sweet Spring scent is finally in the air and there's no better place to source it than at Sushi Samba's sexy 7th Avenue spot. Beautiful faces shine with the radiance of the season while resident selector Leche's sweet swinging tropical sound gets those caipirinhas working just right.

Slide through where the taste of Tokyo meets the beat of Bahia any Friday this month and see what the fuss is all about ...

from 10:00pm - no cover


03.09.07 |Kush

191 Chrystie Street LES

Those crazy sexy cool Bustamove kids take their rip roaring raucus to the LES this week when crowd rouser Master Sacchi steps up to the decks in the beautifully reloaded Kush Bar. Leche sides up to add that dash of rockin' world flavor and the together the boys will no doubt set the house afire. If you've ever Bustedamove before you know what's instore - if not, get ready for a double dose of mindnumbing meyhem!

from 10:00pm - no cover


02.26.07 |That Dumbo Loft

Bridge Street DUMBO

The omnipotant master of vinyl, DJ $mall ¢hange and his sultry Stolen Moments accomplice, the lovely DJ Sims team up in a brand new space to flex their extensive collections. Joining the dynamic duo will be a long roster of Rubalad and Popular Corner vets including troopers Nappy G, Danny Spaceboy, EMZ and our own soulful soldier Leche, who will be dusting off some Loft classics to help take the tribe to another level. BYO to this swanky private triplex high above the bricks, and lose your mind in the eclectic ectasy of long lost grooves and new found friends ...

From 6:00pm - no cover
Jot us a email in p's & q's for the exact address


02.22.07 |The Canal Room

285 West Broadway

Last year's LAMC International Battle of the Bands winner and Latin Funk familia band, Brooklyn's AfroDubCumbiaPaloLetric combo Pacha Massive celebrate the long awaited release of their major label debut, 'All Good Things' with a fête of fantastical proportions. Converging on Tribeca's Canal Room for the festivities to join Pacha will be Mexico's eclectic Nortec Collective and Sol*Selectas brothers in rhythm, DJ's Sabo and Leche.

Come early and stay late for a hardcore dose of tropical sabor!

from 9:00pm - $15.00 in advance/$20.00 at the door


02.04.07 |La Santanera

Playa Del Carmen MEXICO

Playa Del Carmen's heartfelt home of house opens its arms and its decks to the storming sound of our own spirited selector as Leche teams up with raucous resident Gota to treat the natives to his special brand of NYC underground.

With the tequila flowin', subwoofers blowin' and these two crazy caballeros at the reins, after hours Mexican meyhem is sure to ensue!

from 12:00 midnight


02.02.07 to 02.23.07 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

It's cold as brick out on the street, but downtown the favela funk of Sol*Selectas' Sabo and Leche keep it hot Fridays in February at Sushi Samba's 7th Avenue house.

Dip through for a steaming sip of sake and let that naughty night magic take over ...

from 10:00pm - no cover

Leche plays 2/9 & 2/23
Sabo plays 2/2 & 2/16


01.05.07 to 01.26.07 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

Sol*Selectas stalwarts Leche and Sabo continue to turn up the central heating of Sushi Samba's slinkily salacious downtown salon with their own brand of brazen Brazilian bravado -

Catch our boys Fridays in January for the best tasting lounge loafing this side of the Amazon!

from 10:00pm - no cover

Leche plays 1/19
Sabo plays 1/5, 1/12 & 1/26


01.04.07 to 01.18.07 |Sugarcane at Sushi Samba Park

243 Park Avenue South

Now that the NYC winter is here for real, you NEED the heat of Leche's Bahia beat to warm your frozen bones and spark up some spicy samba sabor ... Good thing he's back behind the decks at Sugarcane twice this month to rawl up the natives and get flames flaring like only our little firestarter can!

from 10:pm - no cover

Leche plays 1/4 and 1/18


12.06.06 |205 Club

205 Christie Street LES

Mosaico is back!
Having had their precious moniker and online home sneakily vicked by posers attempting to usurp their undying fire, the lovely lasses of our favorite one-stop online guide to 'Ocio Cosmopolatino' (and their stalwart cohert) have changed their name and and set up home as NYRemezcla ... Latin Culture REMIXED!

Don't be fooled by the strugglahs - ONLY the gorgeous team of Claire, Núria, Mari, Natz (and of course Andrew) can bring what's hot in Latin music, art, film, cuisine and culture from the borough streets with that style, grace and flair we have come to know and love.

Come celebrate the rising of this phoenix with the re-empowered Remezcla community in the newly remodeled 205 Club when Geoxie United's DJ Leche and incomperable DJ Afro from Los Amigos Invisibles join a roster of live talent to rock the Lower East Side and show those 'other guys' who REALLY owns las calles del barrio NYC!

from 7:00pm - no cover


12.01.06 to 12.29.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

'Tis the season to get up off your butt and hustle on down to Sushi Samba's slinky Seventh Avenue location and lose your mind with Sol*Selectas' Sabo and Leche as they channel the deep funky soul of Brazil.

While the temps drop outside, Fridays get hotter inside!
So slide down to the Village, saddle up for a sip of Beleza, sample the raw of the sashimi, and breathe in that sweet scent of sweaty summer ...
I think I'm getting sunburnt already!

from 10:00pm - no cover

Leche plays 12/1, 12/15 & 12/29
Sabo plays 12/8 & 12/22


11.30.06 |Sugarcane at Sushi Samba Park

243 Park Avenue South

Sushi Samba Park Avenue heats up this Thursday night when our boy Leche returns to its heralded decks once again for an evening of deep Tropical rhythmic mayhem. Cachasas flow and faces glow while our boy spins the grooves that take you to Bahia and beyond.

Join us in this intimate setting and douse yourself in the sultry spirit of samba -
... oh yeah, and the food is SLAMMIN'!

from 10:00pm - no cover


11.03.06 to 11.24.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

Fresh and tan from Old San Juan, Leche returns to the luxurious downtown home our our favorite Nippo/Brazilian palate to heat up the vibe and burn the season's creeping chill from your bones ...

Come sway to the rhythm of Rio and gorge yourself on the tastes of Tokyo Fridays in November with the Sol*Selectas crew -
A steaming hot sake was never more on point!

from 10:00pm - no cover

Leche plays 11/3 and 11/10
Sabo plays 11/17 and 11/24


10.19.06 to 10.21.06 |Club Rumba, Candela Cafe, Don Pablo

San Juan Viejo, Puerto Rico

¡Que viva la música!

In only its fifth year, the Candela Festival has already become the epicenter of a huge extended family, amassing an amazing roster of talent and a tremendous international audience, all converging to share their love for La Isla Preciosa in an annual four day celebration of the island's influence on music, art and culture in all its colorful forms. Candela's affiliate venues come alive and throb through the night with wild Caribbean rhythm as San Juan Viejo unites into one pulsating heart pumping life into the veins of the Universal Soul.

This year Leche is proud to join a stellar constellation of DJ stars including:
Busquelo, Nickodemus, Eddie Plenty, Cato, Simbad, Bobbito, DRM, Afronaught, Boozoo Bajoo, Captain Planet, Local 12, Stylus and the incomperable Gerardo Frisina along with live perfomances by Salsa legend Raphy Leavitt, Pupi, Santiago, Son del Batey, and Zeb the Pleb ...

You know PR is just a short hop away, so get yourself a flight and bounce down to where the sun is warm and the fiesta is incendiary!

Leche plays Club Rumba 10/19


10.13.06 to 10.27.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

As Autumn days fall upon us, it's vital to maintain that sunny inner summer glow, and what better way to do just that than with Leche and the Sol*Selectas crew at Sushi Samba's West Vill locale Fridays in October? Leche's got the odd numbered ones this month, so get your sunray deprived visage down to 7th Avenue South and soak up some of that Sao Paulo soul!

from 10:00pm - no cover

Leche plays 10/13 and 10/27
Sabo plays 10/6 and 10/20


09.15.06 |Happy Valley

14 East 27th Street NYC

The ever lovely Queen Diva Palagia has returned from her European tour and has summoned the Nation for a baccanalian broohaa of behemeth proportion ...

This Friday night the tribe gets down and dirty for Filthy Gorgeous; bountiful bodacious beauty in all its filthy form ... OLU membership is not required for this event, so you can dress it up or strip it down as you like - just check your inhibitions at the door!

Darling Jules will titalate; Lucious Twyla, capitulate; Anais Sin will jump and gyrate to our boy Leche's discs that rotate ... Oh splash! Soiling your rep has never been so elegant!

from 10:00pm - reservation required
see the One Leg Up website for all the sordid detail!


09.07.06 to 09.22.06 |Sugarcane at Sushi Samba Park

243 Park Avenue South

Continuing in the deep tropical spirit, Sushi Samba's sexy Park Avenue lounge welcomes back DJ Geo Leche for some more of that creamy thick favela flavor. All month long flood your senses and fill your form with delights of all kind as Samba's chefs and Señor Leche serve up platter after platter of rich sabor ...
bring more - bring more!

next set: Friday 9/22
from 10:00pm - no cover


09.01.06 to 09.08.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

September kicks off with a savory flavor as Sushi Samba 7th Avenue welcomes back our boy Leche for two consecutive weeks at the sonic helm! The first two Fridays of Indian Summer will harken back those lazy sunsets and beach bingo bonfires as the bounce of Bahia beats on and on ...

Come sip a Sambatini and stir up some sabor of your own!

from 10:00pm - no cover


08.30.06 |Bembe

81 South 6th Street Williamsburg

Leche returns to the scene of the crime to rock the house that love built ...

Sitting in for the globe trotting Stephan, Leche takes over the decks for a foray into the depths of Latin and Afrofunk flavored house. Raising the spirit of the drum high into your heart, you'll be lifted to your feet and higher as you lose you mind in dance and vibration ...

Live percussion throbs and bodies sway with the community of soul, so get over that bridge and don't forget to wear your sneakers!

from 10:00pm - no cover


08.26.06 |Guild Hall

158 Main Street East Hampton

East Hampton's premiere venue caps off their Summer repetoir with an explosive evening of Latin soul featuring the reunion of Latin Funk Festival all stars, the vibrant Yerba Buena and our own home grown firecracker, DJ Geo Leche.

Guild Hall welcomes one and all to this very special performance kicking off with a catered sunset cocktail reception in the garden sponsored by Rums Of Puerto Rico and continuing long into the night with dancing and revelry.

Join us in this gorgeous and intimate setting for a red hot evening of firey celebration ... The memory will warm you all winter long!

from 6:00pm - tickets $40.00


08.25.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

It's a busy summer season finalé for the Sol*Selectas crew as Leche and Sabo tag team the Friday evening sessions at Sushi Samba's gorgeous 7th Avenue location. This Friday the 25th it's Leche's turn to grab the reins and rides on the raucus rhythm of Rio for your listening and gyrating enjoyment ...

Come join the fiesta and see what the fuss is all about!

from 10:00pm - no cover


08.23.06 |THOR

107 Rivington Street LES

The sleek new back bar of the towering Hotel On Rivington sets the stage for a night of debauchery with a special farewell party to out dear Marion as she sets off for lands greener across the pond.

Living high life on the low, Leche joins resident selector DJ Greg Poole to set the mood straight and get the joint jumping with his own platters of afrofunkadelicacies - So get your drinking cap on and come take advantage of the after work happy hour specials - we won't tell nobody!

from 7:00pm - no cover


08.18.06 |The Blackstone Estate

Westport, CT

Long cool cocktails, lawn games and a fully catered feast - what better way to spend a lazy August dog day? A dip in the Sound as the sun goes down and GeoLeche's sulty summer sweetness to ease the evening on ...

Great Performances outdoes themselves once again for the season's crowning corporate clambake ... now if you were only a Blackstone intern!


08.17.06 |Sugarcane at Sushi Samba Park

243 Park Avenue South

Our boy Leche slips back behind the decks at Sushi Samba Park's cool little lanky lounge this Thursday to treat you some sweet deep AfroBrazilian sounds. Cozy up in one of Sugarcane's intimate booths or saddle up to the bar and take in all the savory sensation ...

from 10:00 - no cover


08.10.06 |East Side Company

49 Essex Street LES

Leche returns to the LES' slinky East Side Company to trade slabs with the ever exquisit Sims. Expect some funky raucous rarities as the Original Pittburgh Underground Reknown tear up the mine with shards of rich black fuel spinning deeper and deeper ...

Duck in and grab yourself a Gordon's Cup - slide to the back and join the theives of Stolen Moments ...

from 10:00pm - no cover


08.08.06 |Luna Park

1 Union Square East

In celebration of the 4th Annual Brazilian Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro based Yemanjá Music Project presents a star studded white & silver party in the open air beauty of one of Manhattan's most unique spaces. Union Square's Luna Park comes alive with fire and fury as the musical talents of two cities join forces to turn out this amazing event.

Reuniting for the first time since the Winter Music Conference, Miami's own Erick Peredes opens up the set to welcome ALMA's dynamic DJ duo, True and Miller Cruz as well as our own tribal torrent, GeoLeche representing Latin Funk. A blazing evening of NeoBrazilian fusion is sure to rouse the natives and keep fevers burning long into the night.

from 8:00pm - see the Yemanjá website for more detail


08.03.06 |Sugarcane at Sushi Samba Park

243 Park Avenue South

Leche and Sabo present a brand new bumpin' Thursday night diversion for your summer refreshment. Caña debuts this week at Sugarcane, Sushi Samba Park Avenue's sexy bar and lounge. Bring your fam and relax with a cool caipirinha or sample some of Sushi Samba's divine delectibles while you groove to the tropical beat.

from 10:00pm - no cover


07.07.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South

The sweet sweat of summer is upon us and girls glisten with a sun kissed glow only New York knows; so come join us downtown at Sushi Samba's swanky 7th Avenue locale and show off those golden gams while you cool down with a mangorita and dig the sultry sound of deep tropical house courtesy of ...
why, it's Geo Leche in the house!

from 10:00pm - no cover


06.23.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

The Cup is ON! And what better place to get your fútbol fix than at the original Nippo-Brasileiro house of debauchery? Watch larger than life recaps of games past and present on Sushi Samba's 5 foot flatscreen while you savor makis and cocktails to the sound Leche's tropical set ...

from 10:00pm - no cover


06.22.06 |BLVD

199 Bowery East Village

The Diva Palagia is at it again!

This month the OLU opens its doors wide to ALL limelight lovers for 'Hollywood Boulevard' - a chance for all ladies, members or not, to slip into their silky sultriest and slide into the spotlight with their significant second to party like the stars on high ...

BLVD's exclusive VIP Pink Room sets the stage for OLU's stellar cast featuring Hoola Hoop Goddess Alhia, the incomperable Nyree, the Vixen Selena, Ms. Tickle, Twyla, Tigger, Bambi, the illustrious Jules and our own little Leche rocking the room's outrageous massive.

One lucky starlet will win a special limited edition copy of the brand new One Leg Up coffee table picture book, featuring over 200 photos of the seven year reign of the Queen Diva Palagia and the Court of OLU.

So don your fabulosity and get your posterior down to the BLVD for this extraspecial extravaganza!

from 10:00pm - reservation required
see the One Leg Up website for all the star 'studded' detail!


06.15.06 |The New York Athletic Club

180 Central Park South NYC

From twenty-four stories over Central Park, the searing rhythm of the tropics will rain down on 140 years of New York City history as the New York Athletic Club welcomes the home grown Son of Nu Guajiro and the sun drenched Latin soul of DJ Geo Leche. Club members and guests unite and ignite the 'Latin Explosion', a colorful celebration of Carribean culture with a night of feasting, drinking and hip swaying mayhem bound to rouse the natives from here to Havana!

from 7:00pm - tickets available from the NYAC


06.07.06 |Salon

505 West Street MPD

Leche returns to Meat Packing District's most elegant bilevel lounge for this sultry afterwork soiree. Difuse your day with a cool cocktail, relax and bask in glow of the golden sun as it sets over the Hudson. With our boy behind the decks and the beautiful ones on the floor, the dusk will rock right into the night and take you home with a song in your heart ...

from 6:00pm - $10 at the door


06.03.06 |The Chelsea Hotel

322 West 23rd Street Chelsea

The OLU tribe gathers under the full moon to celebrate the rise of the Red Gypsy. Let your inhibition loose and rejoice in the freedom of release as we dance in spirit of nomadic gitano soul -
Palagia hosts, Paola paints, Ravi twists, and Leche spins!

from 10:00pm

Reservation required.
See the One Leg Up website for all the spicy detail ...


06.02.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Bringing back the Brazilian bravado, Leche returns to Sushi Samba's downtown residence for a night of deep tropical flavor. Friday will sizzle with favela sabor and a savory caipirinha couldn't be more on time, so come through and bring that powerful thirst for life!

from 10:00 - no cover


06.01.06 |East Side Company

49 Essex Street LES

Leche returns to the Lower East Side's silky little secret speakeasy to join the legendary $mall ¢hange for an excursion into the excentric, eccelectic and ever elusive. Stolen Moments pay homage to the lost grooves, B sides and rarities that you missed or just forgot you had ...

Slip through with that special someone you're not supposed to see and steal some moments of your own!

from 10:00pm - no cover


05.28.06 |The Bass House

2 Bass Walk Fire Island

Leche rocks the Pines for this pre-tea opening week soiree. If you find yourself lucky enough to enjoy this holiday weekend on Fire Island, slip though for a sip of Dave's potent Planter's Punch and get a gorgeous gaze of the bay and all the other eye candy from the Bass House's platform perch high above the Pines.

from 1:00pm - no cover


05.27.06 |The Cohen-Wilson House

153 Cedar Street Fire Island

The Hamptons summer season unfurls its fresh wings and vaults into fanciful flight this Memorial Day weekend with a sultry sunny sarong soiree hosted poolside by the ultimately fabulous master of all ceremonies, Porfi Figueroa. Set admist the most gorgerous gardens in the Pines, this far eastern flavored fracas features our favorite aural exciter, Geo Leche twisting tunes for the swanky summer set. Frankly fantastic!

ferry from Sayvile at 11:30am - RSVP to Porfi and please BYO


05.23.06 |The Metropolitan Opera House

Lincoln Center NYC

Lincoln Center lights up with blazing rhythm and beautiful movement as the heralded American Ballet Theater presents Noche Latina, a brilliant celebration of and performance by the theater's world reknown Spanish and Latin American dancers:
Argentina's Julio Bacca, Herman Cornejo & Paloma Herrera;
Cuba's Jose Manuel Carreno & Xiomara Reyes;
and Angel Corello of Spain who will be celebrating his tenth anniversary as the Theater's principal dancer.

Hosted by the American Ballet Theater's Honorary Chairman Oscar de la Renta, the evening's performance of the timeless classic, Le Cosaire will be followed by a banquet, cocktails and some unrehearsed dancefloor fire on the Metropolitan Opera House's exquisit Grand Tier fuled by our own little aural pyro, Geoxie Leche.

A white hot stellar night of dance and celebration with the most gifted cosmopolatino baileros on earth ... ¡ÉCHATE!

performance at 8:00pm, reception at 10:30pm
tickets available from the American Ballet Theater from $500.00


05.18.06 |East Side Company

49 Essex Street LES

Leche joins the ever effervescent Sims for an eccentric evening of elegant elixers and quality black crack designed to entice the discerning ear ...
In the words of host and audio innovator, $mall ¢hange, you can expect "eclectic jazz, jump, barrelhouse, boogie, rhythm, blues, rarities, oddities, and syncopated sounds.... " ... sounds splendid!

from 10:00pm - no cover


05.05.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Fresh and tanned from a whirlwind tour of south Florida and Puerto Rico, Leche slips back behind the decks at our favorite downtown 'haunte' to debut some hot new jams acquired along the backroads of Old San Juan and the glitterering paths of Miami Beach.

Come bask in the glow of the virtual Brazillian sunset, relax and sip a Beleza to the tune of Leche's tropical sonida ... ahhh, the joy ...

from 10:00 - no cover


04.09.06 |Mansion

1235 Washington Avenue Miami Beach

The Latin Funk Music Festival touches down once again into Miami Beach, swirling into a feverish frenzy of sound and celebration. This year Easton/Bravo Productions storms the Beach's premiere venue, Mansion with a gale force line up featuring the rockin' eclectica of veteran Javier Garcia, the afrolatinraggafunk of Locos Por Juana and the incomperable tropical soul of Lila Downs. Fronting the show, upcoming local favorite Defonce grabbed their opening spot winning a city wide Latin Funk sponsored battle of the bands, and a live drum circle with the all female percussion troop Venus Rising gets us amped for the doors of the main show. Rocking the floor between sets and long into the night, our own GeoLeche returns to his Miami alma mater and along with guest DJ, Control Machete's Toy Selectah, whips the vibe up into a torrential musical tsunami.

Come spin the tee-pee with us and drench yourself in a wave of Latin culture.

from 6:00pm - tickets $25.00 in advance/$30.00 at the door


04.09.06 |Jazid

1342 Washington Avenue Miami Beach

Directly following the Third Annual Latin Funk Festival, join friends and family of Latin Funk for a very special open jam session with Miami's own Fitzroy, the Monkey Village All Stars and members of Locos Por Juana, Suenalo, and the Lila Downs Band. Toy and Leche wreck the newly reworked upstairs floor with rough and rugged records from all over the world ...

Find yourself that neon yellow bracelet or get your sweet talk together and get youself over to the REAL afterparty. We got the permit and we ain't gonna quit 'till the break a' dawn!

from 12:00 midnight - Latin Funk VIP pass (or alot of leg!) required


03.25.06 |Sushi Samba Dromo

600 Lincoln Road Miami Beach

In a feature appearance on this year's Winter Music Conference, Geoxie Leche joins the stellar Ron Trent and Dwayne Jensen for an evening of deep soulful rhythms and rich uplifting vibes at Sushi Samba's exquisit South Beach locale. Imperial Vodka and Stanton Magnetics join forces to present this convergence of underground Detroit, Chicago and New York City styles in the way only Miami can ...

from 8:00pm - no cover


03.24.06 |The Delano

1685 Collins Avenue Miami Beach

The ubiquitous Erick Paredes in association with BASE Miami presents an incredible musical showcase to highlight this year's Winter Music Conference. Turning Miami Beach's premiere hotel, The Delano, into a rotating stage of international talent, bands and DJ's will come together to electrify the lobby of this amazing venue. Friday night's line up will include Miami's own local favorite combo, Agape, featuring the event's host and the soaring soul of Nadia Harris; New York's native ALMA conspirator, DJ True spinning his signature NeoBrazillian fusion; and our own LES deck wrecker, GeoLeche representing Latin Funk.

Come join the tribes and rejoice in the swell as the vibrant mix of African, Brazilian and Latin rhythm reverberates over South Beach.

from 6:00pm - no cover


03.23.06 |Segafredo

1040 Lincoln Road Miami Beach

DJ Aladdin and Emerge Recordings welcome a hot roster of DJ's including Coco Machete's Michael Davis (NYC), Otro Mundo's Chris Leath (SF), and Latin Funk's GeoLeche to Miami Beach's Segafredo for an official Winter Music Conference showcase of cross continental talent.

Sponsored by Peroni, the profound sound of these reknown will resound down the Lincoln Road Mall on Segafredo's unique environmental massive moving bodies for blocks ...

from 4:00pm - no cover


02.17.06 to 03.03.06 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Spicy Spring Roll-in' ...

As the days start to get longer it's imperative we make the MOST of our nights! So join us the next three Fridays at Sushi Samba's swank downtown residence as our boy Leche steams up the joint with his searing hot savory sabor! Cachasa treats and Bembasa beats fill up the night and turn this groovy Japanese lounge into a Brazilian carnival ...

Bring your appetite for the raw and your thirst for the thrill!
See you there!

from 10:00pm - no cover


01.21.06 |Salon

505 West Street MPD

Salon proudly welcomes Geoxie Leche back to its gorgeous main floor for an unhinged evening of raucus revelry. Fresh from his foundation fracturing New Years Eve fracas, Leche once again lifts the roof of this sensuous spot and sends the spirits soaring. Pacha's Jon Jon Battles rocks the cellar dwellers downstairs, so don't miss this maniacal mastery of mindbending mayhem!

from 10:00pm - invite required


01.14.06 |Bembe

81 South 6th Street Williamsburg BKLYN

Back to the Burg! Stepping up to some familiar decks, Leche joins resident Sabo in the now well established Bembe to celebrate a very special birthday for Si*Se's sexy siren, Carol C.

A searing hot Latin jam with live percussion and two floors of steamy writhing girating bodies to lose yourself in. Come see what the fuss is all about!

from 10:00pm - no cover


12.31.05 |Salon

505 West Street MPD

Glitz, glam, and gorgeous gams! It's New Years' Eve and Palagia the Diva invites you and your lovely female partner to party a la Vegas in one of New York's most exclusive and exquisite venues, intimately outfitted in One Leg Up style. Dress to impress and enjoy two floors of gaming where losing the shirt off your back is the object!

Lady Luck Jules charms the cards and Geoxie Leche flips the discs ...

from 9:00pm - open bar and complimentary champagne toast

Reservation required.
Check the One Leg Up website for all your lucky details.


12.16.05 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Leche slips back behind the decks once again at Sushi Samba's gorgeous downtown locale to pump up the Brazillian flavor. Rocking the newly vamped BOSE powered sound system, our hero serves up his own delictable plates teeming with tempting goodies. Dip through for a mangorita and douse yourself in the tropical vibe ...

from 10:00pm - no cover


11.19.05 |Salon

505 West Street MPD

Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Avarice, Wrath, Pride or Lust... which do you quietly hold and keep hidden as your secret vice?

Palagia the Diva invites you to come celebrate 7 years of One Leg Up with '7 Deadly Sins', a rare and precious opportunity to unleash that sacred sin held deep within and revel in its furious flight. Join us for a night of wild freedom and feel the biblical power of release ...

James kneads - Dani splashes - Isa slaps - and Leche spins

from 9:00pm

Reservation required.
Check the One Leg Up website for all the sinful details.


11.05.05 |Pier 63

West 23rd Street on the Hudson River Chelsea

Leche joins the incomperable Lightbolt and the Bared Soles posse for a firey celebration in one of the most unique venues in New York City. Free floating feet above the surface, Pier 63 offers 360 degrees of panorama and 13,000 square feet of dancing space for you to move with the conflagration of exploding rhythms.

Fire spinners, live percussion, visual projection and the searing tropical soul of Leche and Lightbolt will set the vibe ablaze. Jump into the inferno with us and feel the fission of the flow.

from 9:00pm - $10.00 suggested donation


10.30.05 |The Penthouse at The Park

118 10th Avenue MPD

The Diva Palagia and the One Leg Up Nation gather under the anxious moon to pay tribute to the spirit of All Hallows by descending into the delirious depths of the underworld for a journey of forbidden pleasure. Don your masque, imbibe your libation, and come explore your own dark desires with those of like mind. Howling encouraged.

Starring Palagia the Diva as the Queen Of The Underground,
Jules as the Court Vixen, Geoxie Leche as GXE the Aural Executor,
and a whole cast of ravenous, lascivious revelers ...

from 10:pm - mask required until 1:am

Reservation required.
Check the One Leg Up website for all the subterranean details.


10.14.05 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Leche returns once again to Sushi Samba downtown to whip up the AfroBrazilian fiesta. Cachasas flow and faces glow at this beautiful bi-level bungalow, so come join the fun and the fabulous for some good 'ole downhome decadance...
OH - and yeah, the food is off the HOOK; line AND sinker!

from 9:00 - no cover


10.07.05 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Leche takes over the decks at Sushi Samba's hip downtown locale for the globe trotting Sabo to serve up some savory sonic sabor. Complimenting the culinary artistry and delectable libations, Leche lifts the vivrant atmosphere into a festive tropical celebration.

from 9:00 - no cover


09.29.05 |Uncle Ming's

125 Avenue B EV

Our galactic geisha, Palagia is at it again! Join the OLU Nation for another stellar experience in the far reaches of the sensual universe. Explore your inner desires with outward actions high above the earth in the private comfort of the Starship Ming. With our resident space boy Leche at the helm, oribtal pleasure abounds.

Reservation required.
Check the One Leg Up website for all the celestial details.


09.03.05 |The Blake House

Watermill LI

The hills over South Hampton come alive this Labor Day weekend as the rich vibe of the AfroTropical Downtown Underground resounds over Long Island. Our favorite LES DJ Supa-Stahs, Sabo and Leche join Fabiola Bercasa and the Hamptons Summer Set for a steamy hot night of AfroCarribean flavor. Havana Hot celebrates Cuba and cultures of the equator with hand made arepas and tapas by Caracas Bar of NYC, mojitos and caipirinhas courtesy of Rums of Puerto Rico, and 3000 watts of slamming hot Latin house by the only boys who really know how to rock the natives!

Get your butt on the Jitney, climb the Great Hill, and party into the Havana Hot dawn with us!


08.12.05 |Sushi Samba 7

87 7th Avenue South West Village

Geo Leche sits in for the ubiquitous DJ Sabo this Friday night at swanky Sushi Samba's downtown location. With a fat platter full of Deep Afro Brazillian and Tropical House to go with with your caipirinhas and makis, Leche & the gorgeous staff of Sushi Samba provide a festive feast for your eyes, ears AND stomach!

from 9:00pm - no cover


07.18.05 |Hamilton Aguiar Fine Art

848 North Sea Road South Hampton

The Hamilton Aguiar Fine Art Gallery in South Hampton celebrates the opening of 'Signs Of Nature', a new show featuring acclaimed photographer Lucía Pizzani's latest work "Pendare", with a cocktail reception and afterparty. With Rums Of Puerto Rico supplying the spirits and our own Leche dropping the jams (for the absent Invisible Amigo, DJ Afro) this affair should be one slamming fiesta!

If you're out for the weekend, dip through for an uplifting vibe, some beautiful art and our gracious community...

from 8:00pm - $10.00 suggested donation


06.30.05 |Bembe

81 South 6th Street Williamsburg

The incredible Busquelo opens his house and makes room at the decks for our own GeoLeche this Thursday night. Returning to Bembe's booth for the first time since the AFROTRONIC Finale last year, Leche digs deep, back into the Salsa crates to trade joints with the Soulnado master.

A tasty treat for those who know their classics, this explosive tag team will no doubt lift the roof, and shake the foundation with slamming hard Latin rhythms...

Isabel Pupo-Walker slaps the skins live - Don't miss it!

from 10:00pm - no cover


06.24.05 |Splashlight Studios

529-535 West 35th Street Hell's Kitchen

Leche joins the incomperable Vasili Gavre (KID Records/MDEX/Flawless Digital) for an evening of silky, slick, sultry sonic treats in NYC's premiere studio space. Join the beautiful, rich and famous in this gorgeous space for some early drinks, apps and copious amounts of eye candy...
Who knows? You might even be discovered!

from 7:00 - no cover - open appetizer bar


06.14.05 |Crash Mansion

199 Bowery EV

The 2nd Annual Latin Funk Music Festival continues with a special VIP/Press event featuring the delicious talent of local Brazillian siren, Karina Zeviani; the incredible funk-reggae-cumbia energy of the Miami based band Suenalo; live mural painting by Rage Johnson of the internationally recognized tagging crew, Inkheads; and the steel wheeled skills of our own favorite DJ's, David Medina and Geo Leche.

A spectacular event sure to amp up the ramp to the Latin Funk main event at Spirit, The VIP/Press party is a private, invitation only soiree designed to introduce the media to the Latin Funk Family. Artists performing on the Fest, producers, press and Family members past and present will all be on hand for this gathering of the tribe. If you have been to any of the Latin Funk Festival preparties you may have seen or been lucky enough to pick up a special wooden token - this is your ticket into the VIP/Press Event. If you still need one, look for us this week and ask! You can also drop us a note here and we'll get one to you!

Reduced priced tickets for the Latin Funk Main Event will be available, so get your chip, get your butt down to Crash Mansion, and SPIN THE TEEPEE!

from 9:00 - no cover, but special invite required


05.29.05 |Starfoods

64 East 1st Street EV

This year's Latin Funk Music Festival blasts off this Sunday with a super nova of a jam featuring a stellar crew of DJ's and percussionists. Come join the adventure as Easton/Bravo Productions and Geoxie United join forces to present a tribal gathering like no other. 5 DJ's, 9 percusionists and a hosts of special guests will take you high into the Afrotropical atmosphere and leave you dizzy with bliss.

Featured DJ's:
David Medina
& Leche

Along with percussionists:
Neil Ochua
Isabel Pupo-Walker
Daniel Correa
Christian Rogers
Extra Rich Stein
Phil Ballman
Izzy "Little" Santiago
Jimmy Lopez
Chris Annibell
& other special guests transform the East Villge's Starfoods into a tribal celebration of rhythm and dance. Look out for the wooden tokens bearing the Latin Funk insignia - they are your ticket into the exclusive Latin Funk VIP event June 14 at Crash Mansion.

Don't miss this spectacular opening party and check the Latin Funk website for details on the other five preparties and the Latin Funk Main Event at Spirit, June 16th.

Spin the TEEPEE!

from 8:30 - $5 donation


05.25.05 |Lotus Cafe

35 Clinton Street LES

The original Latin Funk selector, DJ Geo Leche returns to The Popular Corner for a preview of what's in store for this year's Latin Funk Music Festival. This Wednesday May 25th, join Leche and the Latin Funk Family at the Lotus Cafe for a very special installment of The Popular Corner, the Lower East Side's own weekly open house hosted by the illustrious DJ Sims.

Searing hot latin jams, ice cold drink specials, tasty vibes and savory surprises are all on the menu - There's NO COVER and NO EXCUSES!


04.29.05 |Salon

505 West Street Meat Packing District

The Diva Palagia guides the OLU Nation on an erotic, intergalactic adventure to distant worlds of pleasure as we pay tribute to the ultimate queen of the galaxy. Women of all planetary origins are invited aboard to blast off and boldly go where no man has gone before (or should even be allowed)!

With the universally sexy Tabu joining our own space cadet, Geoxie Leche behind the controls of this gravity free excursion into the wild unknown - dizzy extasy is guaranteed!

Reservation required.
Check the One Leg Up website for all the celestial details.


04.28.05 |Martignetti Liquors

159 East Houston Street LES

It's time for another slammin' Jam Session fiesta!

This Thursday night Roots&Fusion, Latin Funk and NYMosaico invite you to convene with us under the full moon as we welcome an all star band featuring:
Juancho Harrera on guitar
Camila Celin (Pacha/Kembele) on guitar
Daniel Correa (Kembele) on percussion
Trifon Dimitrov on bass
and Frederico Picasso on electronics

Along with special guests, we will embark on yet another Afrotropical journey into the rhythms of sunny climates...

open bar from 10:00 to 11:00 pm - $5 donation
guest DJ's: Leche & Luque


04.23.05 |Rubulad

338 Flushing Avenue (across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Leche joins the seminal $mall ¢hange and a veritable gaggle of DJ's assembled to tear the roof off the recently established Rubulad Home Base. An unbelievable line up featuring live bands and over 15 DJ's in four different spaces - each dedicated to it's own funky flavor. "Wok & Woll" with live sets by Chin Chin and Dan Melchior; tech out with Swingset, Peter Gunn and others in the "Ele-chronic" room; shake you butt with Shakey, Mr. ¢hange, and the amazing Ursula1000 in the "Dance Till Yo Rip Yo Pants" room, or lose your mind with our own Leche and guests in the "Rustic Dusties" room...
OR just sample some mind candy and meander amongst the living visuals which permeate the entire space until you find your nirvana.

If you ain't never Rubalad - you ain't never seen a god...

from 10:pm - $ TBA


03.26.05 |Jade

1766 Bay Road Miami Beach

Lighting up the final night of the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach, ALMA in association with the Latin Funk Music Festival presents a firey New York City style throwdown featuring six of NYC's finest 'Downtown Underground DJ Supah Stars'.

Latin Funk's resident selector Geo Leche, and Tesao's Sabo reunite to join ALMA's dynamic duo, True and Miller Cruz, for what will no doubt be the crowning blast of this year's WMC. To cinch the claim, ALMA and Latin Funk have invited the boys from Turntables On The Hudson; Nickodemus, Mariano and the incomperable Nappy G on percussion to set Jade's downstair's floor aflame and complete the tribal cypher.

Don't miss this feverish journey into NeoBrazilian Fusion featuring the most incendiary afrotropical rockers in New York City.

3 Parties, 6 DJ's, 2 floors - ONE WHITE HOT NIGHT!

from 9:pm - $5


03.18.05 |Vapor

The One Leg Up Nation convenes this month in a brand new venue as yet unopened to the public, but being christened in ultrasexy OLU style. 'Night Of The Senses', a hyperphysical treat for the eyes, hands, nose, mouth, and ears is open to women of all preferences, and screened, chaperoned men carefully curated by none other than the Diva Palagia.

Join us in celebration of the physical moment and human body's interpretation and interpolation of it. See, feel, smell, taste and hear the world without prejudice and move in that moment unihibited.

Aural stimulation by our own Geoxie Leche.

Reservation required.
Consult the One Leg Up Website for all the sensual details...


03.17.05 |Joe's Pub

425 Lafayette Street

Geoxie United, Latin Funk and Roots & Fusion are back at Joe's Pub with another Full Moon Jam Session. This month we are proud to welcome Locos Por Juana from Miami for a very special record release party. The band, featuring the incomperable Itagui Correa, stirs up elements of funk, cumbia, salsa, reggae and soca to create an incredibly vibrant and uplifting experience in sound. Joined onstage by Rayo Blanco of King Chango, DJ Leche, the Échate All Stars and members of the Miami Latin Funk family, a slammin’ jammin’ good time is guaranteed!

Come spin the Teepee Miami style this Thursday night with Latin Funk!

from 11:00 - $7 donation
guest DJ: Luque


02.26.05 |Studio 448

448 Broadway Soho NYC

Leche returns to rock The 5th Annual Rebuild Warehouse Sample Sale.

In the final weeks of this incredible sale, NY Brands invites you to come browse drastically reduced priced samples from Diesel, Miss Sixty, 555 Soul, PNB Nation, Ecko, Lithium, Lacoste and others while moved by the music of special guest DJ's. From Saturday until February 28, find incredible deals on incredible gear; many one of kind samples - so troop down, snag some shwag, and check out the sounds of some of the best DJ's in NYC.

Catch Leche Saturday 2/26 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.


02.24.05 |Joe's Pub

425 Lafayette Street

NYMosaico and Geoxie United are proud to present the third Latin Funk/Roots&Fusion Jam Session extravaganza.

This Thursday night join us under the full moon as we welcome an all star band featuring:
Genji Siraisi (Groove Collective) on dums
Jonathan Maron (Groove Collective) on bass
Juancho Harrera on guitar
Camila Celin (Pacha) on guitar
Daniel Correa on percussion and
Geoxie Leche (Latin Funk) on decks and electronics

Along with special guests including:
Pablo Cubarle (Contramano) on cello
Omar Silva (Cultura Profetica) on guitar
Samuel Torres on percussion
Vincent (Pacha) on flute
with Yarimir Caban (Mima) and Karina Zeviani sharing vocal appearances, the night will be jam packed with ecstatic live energy. Twisting up the roots of funk, cumbia, salsa, rock, batucada and tropilectro, this improv session will journey the world in sound and rhythm ...

Don't miss us!

from 11:00 pm - $5 donation
guest DJ: Luque


02.19.05 |location private

Porfi and his dedicated court swing in Brazilian style to pay tribute to the season of Carnival. This salacious masquerade soiree will be a delicious mix of pomp and debauchery and of course who else but Leche could score such an affair!

Check in with us for the time and location if you have that 'only' mask and the vim to wear it!


02.18.05 |Flow

150 Varick Street Hudson Square NYC

In the warm afterglow of Valentine's flow, the One Leg Up Nation presents a sultry masqurade soiree to celebrate the feminine spirit of attraction. Sensual and erotic, and as always carefully curated by Palagia the Diva, this event is open to women of all orientations (and screened, chaperoned men) with a curious sense and confident nature. Black and red and wet all over, 'Hidden Pleasures' are invited to be exposed and explored as our boy, Geoxie Leche scores the action.

Reservation required.
Consult the OLU website for all the juicy details...


02.17.05 |Joe's Pub

425 Lafayette Street

A very special birthday celebration this Thursday night for Latin Funk family member, artist, and all around sexy guy, Oscar Vasquez as Leche and crew continue to stir up a tropical stew of spicy sabor.

This week Échate welcomes ALMA allstar, Miller Cruz to the decks and alongside resident Geo Leche, the two are guaranteed to dish out the most savory flavors of Salsa and Afro Brazilian beat. Extra Rich and Christian Rogers slap the skins, and Oscar and pals pour the champagne!

Aaaaaaaay Cha Tay!

Special guests 2/17:
DJ Miller Cruz (ALMA)
Extra Rich Stein (Lauryn Hill band)
Christian Rogers

from 11:00 - $5 donation

Worldwide tribes breed family vibes, so come on through and help us Set It Off!


02.10.05 |Joe's Pub

425 Lafayette Street

Leche's ¡Échate! kicks at 11:00 and continues to stir up the DJ artistry of New York's finest selectors with slamming live percussion stylings. This week Leche is proud to welcome guests DJ Sid L'Vaga, the musical force behind the incredible Tesáo parties along with Turntables on the Hudson's awesome timbalero, Nappy G; and the incomperable Extra Rich Stein from the Lauryn Hill band. Along with the natural essence of resident witch doctor DJ, GeoLeche, these elements combine to form a highly excited compound of rhythm and groove. Come experiment with us and set your weekend off with some beautiful tribal chemistry!

Special guests 2/10:
DJ Sid L'Vaga (Tesáo)
Nappy G (Turntables on the Hudson)
Extra Rich Stein (Lauryn Hill band)

from 11:00 - $5 donation

Worldwide tribes breed family vibes, so come on through and help us Set It Off!


02.03.05 |Joe's Pub

425 Lafayette Street


The beat of the Downtown Underground continues this week as Leche's Échate blazes a new path of steamy Latin fused flavor in this exquisite space adjacent to the Joseph Papp Public Theater. Joe's Pub welcomes Geoxie United, the Latin Funk Family and YOU to this beautiful weekly featuring the hottest local and international guest DJ's accompanied by a host of slammin' percussionists. This Thursday's special guests come to us from our favorite hometown band, Si*Se as Carol and Neil grace us with their poise and talent - Don't sleep on this!

Special guests 2/3:
DJ Carol C (Si*Se)
Neil Ochoa (Si*Se)
Extra Rich Stein (Lauryn Hill band)

from 11:00 - $5 donation

Worldwide tribes breed family vibes, so come on through and help us Set It Off!


01.27.05 |Joe's Pub

425 Lafayette Street, just below Astor Place EV NYC


The infamous Joe's Pub has invited Leche and Geoxie United to gather forces in this gorgeous bar and lounge for a special weekly celebration of community and spirit. ¡Échate! ignites the house Thursday the 27th in this beautiful lounge adjacent to the legendary Joseph Papp Public Theater with the heat of the downtown underground powered by Latin Funk's own Geo Leche, and featuring the hottest local and international guest DJ's. Accompanied by a host of slammin' percussionists, Leche and team set the Pub ablaze with their own afrotropic formula, drawing essence from all sun soaked cultures and combining these elements to create a brand new fuel for your feet!

Special guests 1/27:
DJ Sabo (Tesào/Sol Selectas)
Chris Annibell (Afrokinetic)
Extra Rich Stein (Lauryn Hill band)

from 11:00 - $5 donation

Worldwide tribes breed family vibes, so come on through and help us Set It Off!


01.26.05 |Lotus Cafe

35 Clinton Street, at Stanton Street LES NYC

Leche steps back into the Corner for his third guest appearance with the ever illustrious Sims, toasting her party's 2005 run with a flavorful shot of the classic afrofunk. Always an incredible, cacophonous circus of pomp and personality, the Popular Corner has become a little universe all its own. Blast off to this spinning cluster of brilliant stars and we'll be sure to keep you in orbit!

from 10:00 - no cover


01.21.05 |17 Home

17 Stanton Street, between Christie Street and the Bowery LES NYC

The One Leg Up Nation invites ladies curious, and confident to explore their alternative self and reinvent themselves for this sensual and erotic private party carefully curated by Palagia the Diva and scored by Geoxie Leche. OLU offers a safe, sexy and respectful environment for women of all orientations (and screened, chaperoned men) to shake off the steely restraints of societal binds and free the silken fabric of their inhibitions. Elegant, erotic, liberating, and salacious, OLU's soirees are the remedy for your winter ills.

Consult the OLU website for all the juicy details...


12.31.04 |The Zephyr

Pier 16 South Street Seaport NYC

Set sail into 2005 with Leche and friends aboard the Circle Line's exclusive luxury turbo yacht, The Zephyr. Enjoy a full open bar all night, exotic tapas, and a champagne toast with the best seats in New York under the Gucci fireworks display at midnight. Three climate controlled decks and an open air lounge topside for the brazen to enjoy a view New York like no other while getting down to the afrofunk of our own LES DJ Supastah...


the Zephyr embarks at 10:00pm
see link and directions for ticket info


12.22.04 |House

Bicayne Boulevard at 20th Street Miami

Latin Funk invites all our familia to a very special holiday gathering at this great new venue in the Design District of Miami for comidas y bebidas and a live family jam. Soula recording artist, Nacho and members of Suenalo perform sets with Leche and the newly relocated Latin Monk reunited for the first time since the Latin Funk Fest on percussion. NYC and Miami vibes join in spirit and celebrate the unity of this magical season.

Join us!


12.04.04 | Studio 448

448 Broadway Soho NYC

Leche lends a little flavor to The 5th Annual Rebuild Warehouse Sample Sale.

Now through Decmber 24th, NY Brands invites you to come browse nicely priced samples from Diesel, Miss Sixty, 555 Soul, PNB Nation, Ecko, Lithium, Lacoste and others while moved by the music of special guest DJ's. Really great deals on really great gear right in time for you know what. Many one of kind samples. So troop down, snag some shwag, and check out the sounds of some of the best DJ's in NYC.

Leche spins from noon followed by Einstein from Mental Unity.


12.02.04 |6's & 8's

205 Christie Street LES NYC

Latin Funk, Roots & Fusion and NYMosaico combine forces to bring the second All Night Jam Session featuring an all star family jam with Pacha's Cami Celin, Bassist Brian Kundit B, Samuel Torres on conga and percussion, Leche on the decks, and a host special guests including Baby Power, Juancho and Tesao's Sid 'L Vaga... Surprises abound as the grooves and spirits lift us high -

from 9:00 - $5
open bar 10:00 - 11:00

Come spin the teepee!


11.24.04 |Orchid Lounge

500 East 11th Street EV NYC

Leche and the Sucia Sound System present a brand new gathering in a brand new venue. REUNION invites the tribe to join and relax in the company of like mind and spirit. Rich soulful tropical grooves and lush deep afrorhythms the world round are supplied by Leche and special guests.

Di shakes things up behind the bar - so dip through and shake off your autumn ghosts with a preThanksgiving sip and slip into the long weekend on the good foot ...

from 9:00 - no cover

Special guest DJ Tabu


11.17.04 |Crash Mansion

199 Bowery

Members of the seminal Groove Collective welcome the hottest underground afrofunk DJ's and jam alongside creating a rich mix of jazz and beats - a sweet treat for light feet ...

Join us as Leche jumps into the set with his own Latin Funk flavor. Yummmm...

from 10:00 - $7.


11.12.04 |The Chelsea Art Museum

556 West 22nd Street Chelsea NYC

Leche and Tabu smoke up the samba for this extrasexy tribute to Hot Brazillian Nights. Set in the top two floors of the gorgeous Chelsea Art Museum, and staged and catered with the exquisit touch and taste of the Great Performances folks, this night will swing and sparkle like few others.

The affair is private, but if you know Porfi, give him a call; he might be able to get you in.


11.08.04 |Alchemy @ CBGB's Gallery

313 Bowery EV NYC

The elusive Macadam rears his unruly glambunctious ego as the mad rocket scientist of the ever glamourous electropunk band Saint Eve.

This will be the last of the shows supporting the superlative 'Elixir' record as Gabrielle embarks on the next phase of the project, so this will be the last time for you to catch the band in all our rock star glory!

Join Macadam The Curious, Honeygun Bec, Scary Kerry, Dynamic Mike and the Illustrious Gabrielle in our final performance together as Saint Eve.


11.06.04 |State

320 Lincoln Road Miami Beach

The Second Annual Latin Funk Festival explodes in all colors of Latin culture and music at Miami Beach's premiere venue STATE. Soaring on the success of last years events, this year the Fest welcomes an absolutely slamming line up of artists featuring:

Yerba Buena (NYC)
Suenalo Sound System (Miami)
Pacha (NYC)
Nil Lara (Miami)

DJ's Sabo & Leche heat up the spot fueled with the fire of the NYC underground and igniting the set with all things Afro Latin, Brazilian and Tropical.

Join us Saturday, November 6th on the beach in Miami for this sizzling hot show.
Special hotel deals available for our NYC friends - so find that cheap flight and come - you KNOW you want to be there!

tickets $25.00 at the door
reduced tickets available - see the site for more detail


11.05.04 |The Creek South Beach

2360 Collins Avenue Miami Beach

Friends and family of Latin Funk gather Friday night, November 10th at the official Latin Funk hotel, The Creek South Beach for a good 'ole relaxed, NYC style house party. Come chill and have a few with your favorite Latin Funk artists and players - Secret surprises and photo ops abound - and with Kenny behind the bar ANYTHING can happen!

Leche, Sabo and special guests grace the decks from 9:00 - no cover.


11.04.04 |I/O Lounge

30 Northeast 14th Street Design District Miami

Thusday evening, November 4th at I/O in Miami's hip Design District, join NYC DJ's Leche (Afrotronic/Latin Funk) & Sabo (Sol Selectas/Tesao) and distinguished Latin Funk guests: Siete Rayo, Alma Y Niurka, Xperimento and Nacho along with special guests Lee Williams of the Square Egg and Cami from Pacha for a special VIP press preview party for the Second Annual installment of the NY/Miami Latin Funk Music Festival. Sponsored by Jim Beam, so come get your drink ON!

Reduced tickets for the Latin Funk Fest main event November 6th will be available.

Check out the sexy new Latin Funk website ( for all the details on this year's Latin Funk Music Festival presented by Easton/Bravo Productions.


10.16.04 |La Caverna

122/124 Rivington Street LES NYC

The Embassadress of Bembasa is celebrating her birthday and Leche is helping out...
Join us Saturday night, 10/16 and help rock the cave!

Find your way down to the Lower East Side and descend into the depths of this subterranean wonderland to discover a cavern full of beautiful party people in tribal celebration. Leche steams up the spot with deep Afro house rhythms and the Latin Monks slaps the conga to revelers girating in cosmic bliss -
Truly an underground affair!

from 10:00 - no cover.


10.11.04 |Studio 336

336 West 37th Street, 6th Floor Hell's Kitchen NYC

Melissa Sweet presents their exquisit 2005 bridal and evening wear collection in this exclusive event scored by Geoxie Leche. Flowing, forward, formal, fresh and fun... just like us!

check directions for more detail

party from 6:00
show at 7:30
models all night long


10.06.04 |Lotus Cafe

35 Clinton Street, at Stanton Street LES NYC

Leche helps the fabulous and omnipotent Sims celebrate the one year anniversary of her extrordinary party. The Pittsburgh expat underground thrills the set as Leche takes over the decks being one of the 'Few and the Loud' who has graced the Corner over this past year. Expect the unexpected and get there early to enjoy other esteemed guests including South Paw, Pina Colada, Dub Gabriel and The Latin Monk.
Ron and Dre stir it up behind the bar so a sloppy good time is guaranteed!

sets change on the hour from 9:00 - no cover
catch Leche from 1:00 - 2:00
followed by the Latin Monk


09.30.04 |The Rivington Gallery Lounge

174 Rivington Street, between Clinton and Ridge Streets LES NYC

Leche joins Tabu and Kwala for a very special bon voyage to two very talented and very lovely ladies. 'Love & Happiness' slides into orbit as the sun sets and the vibe is chilled and up like the cocktails - deep house, deep laughs and deep contact... from 9:00 - no cover.