Yo - Leche, Happy Holidays n Looking forward to Jam the House Again! ... I'm Back from the Deep Underground Therapy World. MIRAAAA!.....WEPAAA!


It's Tom, the drummer from Saturday's event. Wanted to connect. Send an email letting me know you got this. I checked out some of your tracks. Really great. I do this blend of acoustic drumming and Ableton that I think would work beautifully with what you do. Most of it is centered around Brazilian themes. Give a shout!

hola geo;
i'm christian (tanya bravo friend) do you remember me.i found you in the internet how are you how is live, the music???
im living right know in malaga (spain) and working with nicola conte.do you know hem?

this is my email adress to keep in contact.
como siempre buena musica.muy buena musica excelente web site congratulation

Hi! Any upcoming events and/or parties?

Shalom, Leche!
Lookin' good in NYC! The Rusky turned me on to the site - ... sweet... Wass a sista gotta do to get sum a deez jamz, anyway?? Share DNA? yo Mama??? That can be arranged!! :)
Love and Shalom, Bro-

I was at Sushi Samba last Saturday and LOVED DJ Leche's mix. I was wondering how I can obtain a cd...I live in Denver and am only in NYC once every couple of months. Please let me know if there is anyway to purchase on-line or send in $ for a cd. Thanks!

>Hi Rachel,

Glad you liked the set and thanks for the support and the request. We are in the process of putting the online store together, so stay tuned for exclusive mixes, release and promo gear ... In the meantime, send us your street address and we'll get you a copy of Leche's latest release 'Moda Verde'.

See you in NYC soon!

Love & respect from The Players Association.

Wow, great tracks, very inspiring. We have set up a website for DJs which might be of interest to you - http://theplayers.fm. Its free, and you can upload 2 mixes and publish them on your websites including myspace. We would be honoured if you join our site, as you will bring a new edge with your mixes. Please use ThePlayers.fm to help spread the word about what you do.


The Players Association


Love & respect from The Players Association.

Wow, great tracks, very inspiring. We have set up a website for DJs which might be of interest to you - http://theplayers.fm. Its free, and you can upload 2 mixes and publish them on your websites including myspace. Please use ThePlayers.fm to help spread the word about what you do.


The Players Association


Mi amo!
It's been a long ... long time .... Listen you must get in touch with me ... I am living in Playa del Carmen and I just learned that you are coming this Sunday to DJ at La Santanera...
When will you arrive at Playa? I will be there Sunday....
Love...Love... can not wait to see you down here!


I found you through the NYREMEZCLA launch party. I work with Tequila Don Julio and we are planning our art exhibition opening in New York.

Showcasing the best in the arts inspired by Mexico, Tequila Don Julio is partnering with The Mexican Museum to premiere Nuevo Arte: Colección Tequila Don Julio, an exhibition featuring new works by some of today’s most innovative Mexican and Mexican-American artists. Our exhibition is debuting in New York City and we want you to DJ the event. Your music really compliments the work of these artists.

Please give me a call to discuss more details or you can contact me via e-mail at bgerblick@hunterpr.com.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Beth and the Tequila Don Julio Team

Hi Geo,

This is Pavel from Xposure Productions. We're finally ready to do that Brazilian Party. We want you to be the DJ. Give me a call!

Talk to you soon.


Hey, hot site and great info on music. Just wanted to know if you are selling that 70's salsa mix I see you have listed. Please let me know and success always.

> ¡Sin duda, Jose!
DJ Leche's 'Obscuridad' is still available - just get us your address and we'll get a copy out to you, pronto!


I found your playlist for the release, 'Obscuridad' and see that La Orquesta Dee Jay's tune Calunga is on it! Awesome, I played trombone and did the trills in that song. Can you send me a copy of that CD?

Here is my web site:

Jerry Hernandez
La Orquesta Dee Jay

Hi! I really liked your podcasts "Touched by Abidjan", but now I lost no. 1 and 2. Any chance to find/download them as mp3's anywhere?


> Hey Kasper,

We're happy to announce the 3 installments of DJ Leche's 2005 podcast 'Touched by Abidjan' will be available in their entirety as a single CD compilation early next year. Get us your address and put you on the list for the first run.

In the meantime you can enjoy them in the sounds section of the website -

Thanks for the interest and support!

I saw you in the Candela Fest this past weekend; your music was great!!!!!!!!!!
I want to know more! Thanks

...it's Mark from Ola... I really want to do another cool music setup for a new Ola location...send me an email if you can do it...thanks

How and where can I purchase a copy of "Obscuridad de GeoLeche"?

Best regards,
Gothenburg, Sweden

> No worries Soren, we'll send you one ...
Get us the addy and you got it -
And spread the love in Sweden!


i love u geo
peace nadia

Que pasa dude? Loco amigo geo!
I think that you are very well.
Stay higerrrrr!

Loca Natcchi (:

Hi Geo,
I got to check out your site and it's pretty cool.
Definitely keep me posted on any upcoming gigs and I'll do the same.


> Check out the lovely Nicole Otero spinning with Alix Alvarez of Sole Channel Music upstairs at APT, the last Sunday of each month ... tell 'em Leche sent ya!

Hi Leche,
We met in South Beach at Sushi Samba during the Winter Music Festival. I'm sure you met tons of people so you probably don't remember me. I'm a chocolate mama and I was wearing all white (a skimpy bikini bra and and white pants) and I was dancing at the bar and I came up to you to complement you on being such a gifted artist. I was there to see Ron Trent, but life is full of suprises and there you were spinning music that made my soul move.
Please keep me posted on any upcoming events in New York I'd love to hear you spin again.

Hope to see you soon.

> Aminah, how could I forget a beautiful soul like you? Thank you so much for reaching out and showing support - this is what makes it all worth while for me. Keep dancing, and keep feeling that soul and you can bet we'll see you on the floor again soon!

Much, much love to you! - Leche

just found your site. great work...ive djed for over 15 years around the world, ran a couple of record labels, produced over 100 compilations, remixed ojos de brujo and basement jaxx among others, etc..you can search for things about me in google...under dj martin morales....im currently editor of itunes pan europe.....and i run a very hot club in london which id love you to play at anytime you are in london....see you soon

Call me!!

Leche, Was up kid!!! that set @ JAZZID was sweet.
Hit me up. Keep in touch.

Eddie "D'costa "BAM BAM"

Hey Leche!
How you doing? Did you rest yet? Haha ha...we met down in Miami this past weekend. Mr. Sosa and I went down and we danced it up at "A Bar" on Friday night. Nice grooves.

So, just wanted to find out when you're next spinning. Loving the music on this website!


please forward my contact to carol c. have not spoken to her for years. i have a track that i want to ask her to colab w/ a brotha it would be hot....

Yo my nizzle!
Just got the hookup from Arthur. How the F@#K are you?!?!?!

Livin' all West Coast these days.


wow, great website and great soundz, respect...
hope everything is ok in the u.s. we're also dynamod customers now and i already told it to my labelmate minus8, so he his a customer, too (since today)...check out our sites:
loungechic prod. (stereo deluxe rec.)

> For anyone else who likes the site and wants to sign up, get in touch -
We can get you a code for free setup and a free month of service...
And definitely check out Mario's (Loungechic) and Robert's (Minus 8) sites;

Can I get a copy of Amazon Deep? Please?

> No problem, Charlie - thanks for the request.
What's the address? - GXE

Hello Leche. I met you at a music show at Tonic recently. You were wearing a t-shirt that had CARR on it. PLEASE! It's my friend's birthday and I really want to give him the shirt. Please contact me and I would love to buy it form you.
Best, Laura Bartell

> DAMN! They even want the shirt off my back! - Leche

Great everything but track 3 or 4 first (grab 'em by the balls)
Just my humble opinion =) http://wolfone.stumbleupon.com/
gave you a little plug

> Thanks Wolfy - I generally try to keep my hands to myself, but we appreciate the plug ... -GXE

Love to receive the CD, Amazon Deep.

Bo Hejselbaek
Dybboelsgade 27 - 3th
DK-1721 Copenhagen V

> You got it, Bo; and look for us on tour in Europe next summer ... - GXE

looking for a chip for crash mansion! three if i can,

> Sin Duda, three chips on the way! See you at Crash Mansion! - GXE

Wussup Leche? I am Jazz Writer for Flavorpill and friend of Miller Cruz. Keep me up to date of your events well in advance so we can write them up as appropriate. Thx, Johnmcc

Hello friend! I'll catch you at Joe's Pub tonight after i spin midtown. The site is lovely.

remember me? Alice's friend,
I love the music you have on your website.
put me on the list. thank you.

> You're on! See you soon ... - GXE

Hey there - you're off the hook.

Hey Geo, I was aboard the yacht with you on New Year's. I snuck up and got one of your discs ... it's appreciated even now.I snapped a couple of candid shots of you with my digi cam. I saw your "shots" section on the website and was wondering if you might want me to send the shots to you for possibly posting. Lemme know... I can throw them on an email wheneva.keep it real, I'll look for you out there in the future.j.j.zeraw

> Thanks J.J., hell yeah! Send them on! And thanks for the support! - GXE

yo. the site is looking great bro! how you doing?????

love the site

WOW! But too long to download... We think one must be in the business to understand how to use the website to best advantage...but Good Luck and lots of success!! We love you!!

the site's dope and your set is always live as fuck from my experience. looking forward to catching you soon..

I need your booking info.
Yesi 495 6969

damn - you got me geo. thanks ... do please keep me on your list!!!!!
add my gmail address -i.am.zontar@gmail.com so how the hell are you?! well and busy i hope...
write when you can and catch me up...

sweet site!!! really nice...
good to hear things are going well.
will check you out when i get back to nyc...

> Looking forward to it! And here's your plug my love:
Catch DJ Moni and Ubiquita every week in NYC - they ALL just way too fly for this little blue marble!

have fun in miami and come back soon now here :-)...
I know u are going to be magical as always
Love Tabu

> Everybody NEEDS to check out DJ Tabu:
She da BOMB! - GXE

Great beats late night... Nice web site!

the only white boy I know with so much latin flavor.
Geo I love u from the heavens to the center of the earth...lets keep making beautiful music together
love always

> Shux - how beautiful is that?

yo! i'm down for the link trade. what the hell was the first song when I opened the site? that shit was ridiculous! some brazilian break beat joint. type nice. holla back. nice site. I need to get beats up on my shit. How much did these fools charge you?

Hey Geo.
You know we love you... You got the heart and the funk and have earned eternal karmic points.
See you soon.

Great site! Keep me updated! I want to book you with Pacha at Joe's Pub!Get in touch!

Rivington Bar was a flashback! Had a cool time, good vibe and sweet space.

this is hot baby

> So are you, T ... xo!

Hey Geo,
I just wanted to say I think your website is nifty.

Has anyone heard from Latin Monk - (La Loca). Is he still in miami??
I know his mom passed away back early summer this year. but I havent heard from him since.

any info is greatly appreciated,

> The Latin Monk is alive and well in Fajardo, recouperating and rejuvenating...
We're all looking forward to hearing him slap the skins again soon - GXE

Hey, I was just asking about DJ Leche's show "Touched by Abidjan" and why it hasn't seemed to update in a long while. I just found it randomly a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. If the show is basically cancelled or whatever, what is he doing these days?

- Ken

> Hey Ken, Leche has recently relocated in his beloved LES and the studio had to come down temporarily. We'll hopefully be back up and running in the Spring with some new pod casts and a new record. Thanks for the interest; check back for updates - GXE

Great site!!!